Friday, 22 July 2011

Tenerife island–Above the cloud

First of all, this is the most beautiful island I’ve been so far, ideal for the beaches lover. In my opinion, definitely well worth a visit. Tenerife island is the largest and most populous of the seven canary islands, having 43% of the total population of the canary island. The island is located near to Morocco , however, it belongs to Spain. There are all lovely people here, they are hilarious, friendly, and fun! The first destination we’ve been was the Mount Teide, I am glad that the mountain did not erupt during my visits, god blessed.

IMG_8885 copy


IMG_8891 copy

We waited for about 30 – 40 minutes, most probably because of the infrequent cable car.

IMG_8894 copy

Sir, why did you look into my camera? lol!

IMG_8904 copy

The thingies are called Echium Wildpretti, it was a lot smaller than I see from the pictures 

IMG_8910 copy

The power of nature, its amazing

IMG_8920 copy

We will be the next! Cant wait!

IMG_8925 copy

The views are stunning, I can never leave my camera in my bag!

IMG_8932 copy

Almost reaching the top!

IMG_8933 copy

Here we are, above the cloud! Those are not sea or river, they are clouds, I was standing above the cloud!

IMG_8937 copy

IMG_8938 copy

IMG_8950 copy

Mount Teide, just few weeks before we went, there was an earthquake in Malaga, I was quite worried.

IMG_8953 copy

The creation of art by nature, winds, rain, snow, sun.

IMG_8961 copy

It wasn’t cold at all during our visit, however its better to bring some jackets with you. Yes we found ices.

IMG_8977 copy

One of my friends remind me of “the lord of the ring”.

IMG_9032 copy

Leaving the mount.

IMG_9044 copy

I love it.

IMG_9066 copy

I am loving the view of the mount.

IMG_9058 copy

IMG_9061 copy

More to come, dolphins and whales!

To be continue..

The Graduation Ceremony 19th July 2011 PM

There is no word can express the feeling during my graduation day, let’s share the little art work I’ve done on combining all of them; pictures tell the stories.


Monday, 4 July 2011


天啊,我拍了好多好多照片,现在不知道要从何贴起。最近很忙很忙,话不多说咯,就看看照片吧 :)

IMG_8394 copy

IMG_8367 copy

IMG_8575 copy

IMG_8456 copy

IMG_8435 copy

IMG_8475 copy


IMG_8323 copy


IMG_8325 copy

把爱情紧紧扣着,就会天长地久 :)

IMG_8331 copy

IMG_8506 copy

IMG_8508 copy

IMG_8521 copy

IMG_8526 copy

IMG_8543 copy


IMG_8541 copy

IMG_8566 copy

Basilica, 如此富丽堂皇让我大惊讶

IMG_8551 copy


IMG_8570 copy

IMG_8549 copy

IMG_8347 copy


IMG_8576 copy


IMG_8624 copy

IMG_8616 copy

IMG_8587 copy

IMG_8627 copy

IMG_8649 copy


IMG_8653 copy

IMG_8668 copy


IMG_8670 copy

IMG_8682 copy

IMG_8691 copy

IMG_8715 copy

IMG_8718 copy


IMG_8722 copy

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