Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bonjour! The Paris Trip, Day One 19th/20th December 2008

Guess what?! Few of us just planned too well for our holiday!! 19th december (friday), the day previous holiday! Few of us were having assignment on due, but here comes the motivation, cuz we are GOING to THE LOVE CITY, PARIS!! They must submit everything before leaving!! especially phycology students, hahahaha......

On da way to victoria station!
in euroline coach!

two ladies MBA is sleeping like a pig, hahaha
stupid traffic JAM!! (*!(!*&"£!¬"£!@"£!¬£~ you see!
see the car's number plat, that car is someone's FAN!
and i brought this thing..
this is the ferry! the bus is going in that ferry!!
ferry's parking (inside ferry)
Started to look at the MAPs!

Hotel lounge with red model
blue model
rainbow model, aikys, another model's picture is missing
danm hungry! ate in KFC
this is very nice!
this is very very nice!!
this is very very very nice!!!
this is very very very very nice!!!!
took this photo while waiting for the chickens!
was hoping those children to give me some chicken 1st.. I will return them..
some church..
outside, taking the photo as below
really dono what's that
their church is huge!
polar bear shop, I wish i have them to sleep with me!
Coffee? no X_X
I wonder why I took pic with the stupid things
I dont see any queen inside
look at the price
you see you see!
this is not cute
this is cute
this is not cute
this is a bit cute
this is quite cute
this is act cute
this is acting cute
this is not cute
stop cute cute cute!

this is free entrance!
siti and me laaaa

crepie, danm nice
siew wen bought this, dono why
eat fat you!
wah X_X
jialat -.-
yeayea back to hotel, had cup noodles and going to sumwher gorgeous!!
what? PARIS TOWEL!!! nonono, its tower!
nice shoot by me
not bad
goin back hotel
do they mean "f*** oFF"? i dono
I was danm hungry and went Mc to eat supper!

this is another morning, she is having breakfast..
do you want to know where are they going afterwards? keep ur eyes on this blog!! wuahahah!!

to be continue....

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