Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Vienna, Mozart orchestra and Schonbrunn Palace

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The interior design of Musikverein - Golden Hall. Watching a concert by the local orchestra is a must when one visits Vienna. Vienna is a classical music hub after all!

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The hall was fully packed with people, or rather tourists! It’s a bit too touristy for me, but definitely well worth the money.

IMG_8016 copy

Gentlemen with Wigs and leggings. What a sight!

IMG_8017 copy

The choir supporting the Orchestra.

IMG_8020 copy

Interval. I love those music stands! Time for photoshoot Winking smile

IMG_8045 copy


Everyone’s well dressed for the occasion. Look at the happy faces :) We even made some friends there. Had a good chat with a lovely family from the US.

IMG_8047 copy

IMG_8082 copy

The conductor, the soprano, and the male lead. 都是爱演的一族.

IMG_8087 copy

The end of the concert. It was a standing ovation!

IMG_7136 copy

Schloss Belvedere. A stunning palace.

IMG_7139 copy


IMG_7155 copy

A hybrid between a fish and a horse. A seahorse!

IMG_7157 copy

The garden of Schloss Belvedere

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Schloss Schonbrunn. Schloss means castles in the German language. This was the summer residence for the Imperial family.

IMG_7213 copy

The Austrians built a magnificent fountain and a great arch on the hill top overlooking the garden.

IMG_8119 copy

Perseus with the head of Medusa. Watch Clash of the Titans and you’ll see what I meant. Avoid looking at the eyes of the Medusa- it will STONE you! LOL. muahaha. I love greek mythology.

IMG_8127 copy

The only thing in focus is the “horse-driver”. Fetish camera.

IMG_8135 copy

Best photo of the year.

IMG_8137 copy

A plant in the Japanese garden. 姐姐妹妹站起来.

IMG_8148 copy

The greenhouse in Schloss Schonbrunn Gardens. With riceballs around it. Gosh I miss Melacca’s chicken rice balls.


No comment. banned. – written by Daniel. :(



IMG_8190 copy

The Hundertwasser House. It significantly stood out among the grey and normal big city buildings. It’s a colorful, leafy, fairytale castle!

IMG_8199 copy

The Austrians even specifically design their waste combustion building. How bizarre is that!

IMG_8204 copy

The national opera house of Vienna. The Phantom of the Opera~~ opps. that’s in Paris.


They even placed an owl on the exterior of its university building, strange people strange place. What’s even stranger is that they put a fake Johann Strauss statue to cover for the real one when the real one is under renovation. And they made Strauss second to us. We are the champions!

IMG_8225 copy

The famous Mozart statue

IMG_8231 copy

With treble clef made of yellow flowers!

IMG_8235 copy



The food in Vienna is… uhh, not too bad. But the drinks, see below, is SPECIAL!


The one of the left is an Austrian soft drink, and the one on the right, chili beer! It’s uniquely spicy, worth a try! Parliament building with Athena statue.


Karlskirchethe: finest of Vienna’s baroque churches. We wrote signatures with iPhones, marking the end of a wonderful visit to Vienna. Good bye Vienna~

The end of Vienna

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vienna, Austrian National Library (Prunksaal/State Hall)

这也是不可错过的景点,虽然要缴入门票,但是一切都值得。IMG_7494 copy


IMG_7490 copy


IMG_7487 copy


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IMG_7498 copyIMG_7500 copy

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