Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Top 5 cancer cousing food as latest research

Have you ever wondered which foods are best to avoid when trying to prevent cancer?
The secret is to be able to identify which foods contain ingredients that are carcinogens, or cancer promoters. Once you know which ingredients will end up giving you cancer, you can read labels and avoid those foods altogether.

So, what are the ingredients to avoid?

Let's start with sugar. One of the ways cancerous tumors develop is by feeding on sugar in the bloodstream. If you are continuously overloading your body with sugar you're giving your body what it needs for cancer to flourish.

Next is sodium nitrite. This chemical is added to certain foods... mostly lunch meats and bacon...on purpose in order to make it look reddish and fresh. Once upon a time, meats were preserved with salt, but manufacturers eventually switched to this much more dangerous form of meat preservation.

Then there's hydrogenated oils. When oils are heated in the presence of hydrogen and metal catalysts, it makes them hydrogenated. this preserves the shelf life, but also creates trans fats. Aside from causing cancer, trans fats are bad for your heart and can even interrupt metabolic processes.

Finally, there's the acrylamide factor. Acrylamides are created during the frying process, when starchy foods are subject to high temperatures.And so, taking all of the above into consideration...the top 5 cancer causing foods are:

Hot Dogs - Usually preserved with sodium nitrite and full of fat (among other things!)
Donuts - These contain hydrogenated oils, sugar, white flour and acrylamides. Talk about the perfect cancer causing food!
French Fries - Often made with hydrogenated oils. There would also be acrylamides present.
Processed meats and bacon - Lots of saturated fat and nitrites. You can find some without, but you'll have to ask.
Chips & crackers - Usually have white flour, sugar, and trans fats. many manufacturers also hide MSG in the form of yeast extract, and mess around with serving sizes so you actually take in a lot more bad stuff than you think.

There you have it. Avoid these foods most of the time and you're well on your way to avoiding that dreaded 'C' word altogether.

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