Tuesday, 18 November 2008

goodbye 黎礎寧

黎礎寧 is my 2nd favourite contestant in 超級星光大道 season 3, she is forever the 1st runner up in my heart. 12th September 2008, she suicide because of love, but at least when she alive, she did what she wants and I really proud of her. She was being so unique and I really love her voice.. good-bye..

My favourite song by her

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

William Tell Overture

Currently watching a korean drama called "Beethoven Virus", Wanna share this video clip, hopefully you enjoy it :D

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Oxford street and some Pics

Instead of paying 1 pound + to go there, we took bus and only paid 90P =D, bombombom, bus came and all of us went in..

while scanning oyster card...

Zac : *worry face* wher is my ultraman card holder T_T!!!
W3N : Are you coming with us?
Zac : Yea I'm...

All of them went in the bus and sit upstairs....

Zac : *searching the ultraman holder, looks like gona cry*
W3N : Search it properly, it must be somewhere with you, this always happens to me
All of us : *We really trust W3N is telling the truth*
Stev : May be we can call Jane or someone to look for it, on the way to bus station?
Zac : *She became really worried + paniced. Fortunately she finally found it to much relief*
Stev : *wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead*
All of us : *All of us got scared*

If you are Zac's fren, you should really look at her face on that time, it rarely happen

So, we went to oxford street, Stev bought 2 sweater/jacket, and got some balls from the perfume shop for free
V dont forget about taking pictures in bus rite?
Yea it was the 1st snow in London for 70 years

cut the head
Any1 can tell me who is that behind?
Romantic rite?
nice photo, thanks someone

Monday, 6 October 2008

London Central Trip, Janely as tour guide!

Yeah, I think that was the best day for me so far, am now missing the day~ Wen's relative brought us to "Hai Wai Tian" to have our "Lunch". The lobster is soooo nice!!!!! Fresh!! she spend us around 50 pounds for that... thanks Jane.. She is a nice person and she shared her experiences with us.
Pictures of London central

The lobster.... yummy..

dim sum..

Black horse..

All these pictures are inside a building which i don't know what it called. Inside the building itself costs over millions pounds thrown on the design, the ceiling, the light, and so. Look back at those pictures, m telling myself that: I must go there again!

With golds inside, dam cool!

Again.. Lobster..

You're looking at 30,000,000 years
The old bus, kinda fun..

We're on the way to London Eye!
All these are real human being, get to see that on the way to London Eye!

I Jump! U jump! Do Re Mi..

Clock Tower
This car is fantastic
nice design of the building
While waiting the green light..
Show room! Show room! I like that..
On the way back...
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