Saturday, 15 May 2010

Leadenhall Market, Photography workshop : Creative Composition

I’ve attended a photography workshop near to Bank tube station today ( Thanks my dearest friend Pei Li for telling such meet up exists in London, great! Well, it costs £30 and I think it worth the money; many things I’ve actually seen and read on book/website but I do have little doubts about them. After the workshop, I think implementing “Creative Composition” is amazing and I think it is really important. The first sentence in my handout:

“Good composition is a key element in creating striking photograph” say Anson. ( I don't know who is that by the way, lol :D )

IMG_1372 copy

My favourite shoot of the day, implementing rule of third, line and curves, lastly I love the “double framing”.

IMG_1361 copy IMG_1371 copy IMG_1381 copy IMG_1389 copy

“semi S-curves”

IMG_1375 copy IMG_1383 copy IMG_1393 copy

Rule of thirds telling the story.

IMG_1398 copy

The End.


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