Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Prague, Czech Republic–Last Epi

IMG_6855 copy

Life can be full of surprises if you have a viewpoint from a different angle! It’s in fact a bicycle parking stand!

IMG_6857 copy

One of the prettiest building in Prague

IMG_6869 copy

I remember counting “1,2,3..SNAP!” for this photo, only to realize that there’s no need for cue at all!

IMG_6870 copy

IMG_6871 copy

A building near to the Prague castle, be amazed!

IMG_6878 copy

A beautiful quartet, giving a classical and animated atmosphere to the public.

IMG_6883 copy

Spot the height difference!

IMG_6885 copy

And ta-da, who’s taller now? Open-mouthed smile 

IMG_6887 copy

Changing of Guard

IMG_6902 copy

This is what the Chinese say: “面壁思过”

IMG_6906 copy

If only I have a hat! Similarity of the trousers, the shirt and sunglasses = 90%

IMG_6908 copy

IMG_6913 copy

The cathedral in Prague Castle

IMG_6922 copy

Playing with shades

IMG_6924 copy

Magical isn’t it?

IMG_6937 copy

IMG_6944 copy

Back of the cathedral.

IMG_6947 copy

IMG_6958 copy

IMG_6965 copy

Stev, the Guardian of LV, Canon, Harrods, and Guess.

IMG_6967 copy

Pretty ladies

IMG_6972 copy

Pretty ladies in the air!

IMG_6990 copy

High 5, mate!

IMG_6993 copy

IMG_6996 copy

Out of many, ONE USIAN BOLT!

IMG_7012 copy

No.1 in the world

IMG_7019 copy

IMG_7051 copy

How cute can Swee San be?

IMG_7052 copy


IMG_7053 copy

IMG_7065 copy

IMG_7071 copy

Stunning Charles bridge night view, dazzling sky

IMG_7076 copy








IMG_7103 copy

IMG_7105 copy

IMG_7108 copy

IMG_7110 copy

IMG_7111 copy

IMG_7105 copy

This is like real Spinning class! Worth for a try if you willing to pay, it was like £3 per person in Prague Smile

IMG_7113 copy

IMG_7124 copy

The End~

Editor : Daniel Lee


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