Friday, 22 July 2011

Tenerife island–Above the cloud

First of all, this is the most beautiful island I’ve been so far, ideal for the beaches lover. In my opinion, definitely well worth a visit. Tenerife island is the largest and most populous of the seven canary islands, having 43% of the total population of the canary island. The island is located near to Morocco , however, it belongs to Spain. There are all lovely people here, they are hilarious, friendly, and fun! The first destination we’ve been was the Mount Teide, I am glad that the mountain did not erupt during my visits, god blessed.

IMG_8885 copy


IMG_8891 copy

We waited for about 30 – 40 minutes, most probably because of the infrequent cable car.

IMG_8894 copy

Sir, why did you look into my camera? lol!

IMG_8904 copy

The thingies are called Echium Wildpretti, it was a lot smaller than I see from the pictures 

IMG_8910 copy

The power of nature, its amazing

IMG_8920 copy

We will be the next! Cant wait!

IMG_8925 copy

The views are stunning, I can never leave my camera in my bag!

IMG_8932 copy

Almost reaching the top!

IMG_8933 copy

Here we are, above the cloud! Those are not sea or river, they are clouds, I was standing above the cloud!

IMG_8937 copy

IMG_8938 copy

IMG_8950 copy

Mount Teide, just few weeks before we went, there was an earthquake in Malaga, I was quite worried.

IMG_8953 copy

The creation of art by nature, winds, rain, snow, sun.

IMG_8961 copy

It wasn’t cold at all during our visit, however its better to bring some jackets with you. Yes we found ices.

IMG_8977 copy

One of my friends remind me of “the lord of the ring”.

IMG_9032 copy

Leaving the mount.

IMG_9044 copy

I love it.

IMG_9066 copy

I am loving the view of the mount.

IMG_9058 copy

IMG_9061 copy

More to come, dolphins and whales!

To be continue..


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I can tell that you put quite some effort into this post. Good job :) I like it.

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