Sunday, 3 October 2010

London 2012? Its Olympic!

The 2012 Olympic Summer games are scheduled to take place in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012. This is the London’s third time being the Olympic host. Me and friends attended the photography walk today by Miss Natalie Clarke, the event organiser. The meet up event was focusing on AV (Aperture Priority) and that was a brilliant weekend plan :) Looking forward to attend more photography workshop.

IMG_8223 copy

Vintage effect always be the saviour of cloudy and rainy weather.. I m glad that another blogger taught me this, much appreciated ^^

IMG_8247 copy

Aha, now I can now fully Utilise Aperture Priority :)

IMG_8188 copy

AV mode decides how much you want the background to be focused.

IMG_8213 copy

I am starting to fall in love with AV mode..

IMG_8206 copy copy

Bee Bee…. My housemate Jin May got stung by this last week, wasn’t a good experience thou =__=

IMG_8220 copy

Natalie says it looks like Christmas tree, LOL!

IMG_8174 copy

I like the background of this picture.. its like a triangle love? haha

IMG_8238 copy

Perhaps the “cruise driver” forget to turn off the engine?

IMG_8254 copy


IMG_8260 copy

IMG_8243 copy

This is funny~

IMG_8353 copy

Finally, after a long walk, we’ve reach the Olympic stadium~

To Be Continue…


JH said...

heart the photos so much!! =)))

Stev said...

thanks Qtie ^^ I have got sumore pictures coming up, thats just half of them :)

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