Monday, 4 October 2010

London 2012 Post no.2

IMG_8337 copy

A nearer shoot~

IMG_8277 copy

This is Victoria Park, loads people jogging and cycling around, I hope I had a bicycle

IMG_8297 copy

The colour of yellow, red and a bit greenish make the photo works!

IMG_8261 copy

IMG_8295 copy

This is one of my favourite shoot, love it! <3

IMG_8309 copy

another graffiti, Natalie says its the best in this area? hmm..

IMG_8226 copy

Managed to capture a friend from behind ^^

IMG_8294 copy

some people are feeding the bird, goose, duck, etc.. very lively..

IMG_8302 copy

I really like the texture of the tree~

IMG_8332 copy

one of the best shoots of the day~

IMG_8383 copy


IMG_8403 copy

These are my “命”, cant live without them haha.. thanks mom :)

IMG_8405 copy

My mom insist to include this in my parcel, should try it some days~


JH said...

I have got my parcels on 29/9 as

Stev said...

wah Qtie! so ngam! my housemates say you're like a mom.. hehe

JH said... is secondary schmates will alwys take me as small kid while lai hui they all will alwys take me as,jin may has once becum my mom too...and daniu is my dad!

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