Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween 2009 @ Voodoo

Compared to last year, we went for an event @ angel station instead of make-up and staying home this year! Youngsters here are marvellous, its amazing! Moreover, I had my very first make-up by myself, I really have a sense of art don’t you think so =P

No more rubbish talks, watch the pictures! If any of my family members see this, don’t be too surprise, it’s just Halloween XD

DSC08628  Sujai, ghost of the nightDSC08631Tracy and Raj Nice one XDDSC08634 Pei li :"I know you want me badly, dream on!” opps.. DSC08635 Zombie bro and sisDSC08636 ZacDSC08638Apa lu mau?DSC08639 Ngek

DSC08641oppsDSC08643 The hungriest ghost That’s me! fuhDSC08648 These zombies are really hungry don’t you think so?DSC08649 Damn hornyDSC08650 Have you ever see a porn star zombie? kekeDSC08653  Zac n Tracy I am gona eat you, ROAR!!DSC08666These youngsters with their costume and make-up   DSC08667 The first zombie from the left was playin with usDSC08668They are friendly =D or may be they are hungry, who knows =XDSC08669 Yes he’s hungryDSC08670 I don’t know what she meant with the smilin face –.- funny! hahDSC08671 movin’ movin’DSC08672 movin’ movin’ one shoot before enterin’DSC08674 Tracy looked like Japanese zombie with the blushesDSC08675 That really scared me..But PeiLi seems lovin itDSC08676 the barDSC08678a little face at the bottom left, that’s Raj!DSC08679Live rock band, The drummer was amazingDSC08680 Really enjoyed =D


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