Monday, 18 January 2010

Birthday Bear

Today is Henry’s birthday, officially 1 year-old. Suddenly I realised time flies, I’m surprised that so much things happened and learned, thanks family, friends, housemates, best friend, good friends and beloved. I have to say I find blogging is more satisfying while having a good camera, I think that’s a very good investment, don’t you think so? =D This happened to me since I was 12 years old (if not mistaken), I was trying to have a diary written but ended up only one or two pages written, I believe this happens on some people too ^^, Thanks Blogspot. =D By influences around, I noticed some positive changes in myself which I really appreciate. Many said life is a journey, I thought that was all bullshit but I agreed with that since I found my path, path that belongs to me, thanks my dear ^^

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Henry! xx and my Harrods bear now is 4 months 13 days old :DP1020170



~W3N~ said...

Why I never know the bear is called Henry one =p
Mine the one I got is also called Henry leh..hahah!!! But he is only 25days old haha!

Stevie said...

Wen : there is a little small on his ass written his name : Henry, I just realised too.. hehe.. may be we can make them become good fren XD

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