Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What’s about my room?!

Sometimes I do like my room, but sometimes I don’t ; because it has many issues which is sometimes reasonable and sometimes not. P1020432

I love it while people are rocking in my room! I miss you people.. and Christine who doesn’t know how to play, but she will sit on my bed and watch, right ? sister? =D


Sometimes I really.. we say “lia gong”, why? it’s because the dust comes really quickly out of nowhere! floor, computers all, ufff.. F*** My little stitch will just smile like this to me even I am upset or not, lol


Thirdly, the pity bulbs on the ceiling are gona work at least 12 hours a day, why? It’s unlikely to get sunlight in my room, the window is blocked by another building next door.. We say “Walaoeh”


It just happened 2 days ago, we say “jialat”, cuz the heater doesn’t work anymore, Walaoeh… Going to Argos soon to get it exchanged.


Lastly, that’s what my bathroom look like, I happily change my clothing everyday, for the private part I change it twice a day; that is why my floor looks like that whole year only.. lihai mou?


Yay, These Chocolates are for my family, I will be in Malaysia on 12 FEB 2010, which is less than three weeks from now! For Chinese New Year! Will be there in Malaysia for 10 days.. Can’t wait to see family and friends… I am gona miss London >.<


-Daniel- said...

Haha. I laugh until jialat.

And you should state the amount of money you spent on Godiva. People will surely say walaoeh.

Time to clear your dustbin! :)

Stevie said...

Big Cow : waa that was quick.. yea wo i am so lazy to clear my dustbin... sei lo.. jialat.. >.< Better dont mention how much the godiva cost =.= my dad wanted it.. lol

〤Ecl!5oNz™〤 said...

what a nice room u have... :P

Stevie said...

Han : thanks =P

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