Monday, 25 January 2010

Piccadilly Circus, Godiva, Avatar 3D


Standing Upon The Piccadilly Circus Underground station,  that’s the neon sign of Piccadilly Circus by day. If you go to London without coming back with at least one shoot of this, I bet your friends and family may beat you within an inch of your life with their bare hand. (says Scott Kelby)


on the top that is Fanta’s adv, yay the weekend is coming, I have no class on Friday anyway :P


It changes.. I was taking all this in the middle of road (sort of), with the busy traffic and people pulling


Sweet! Thank to the person who pushed me while I am taking this, so the photo was out of focus and blurred (edited)


This is the direction towards Regent Street..


Reminds me of my fren who’s working in there.. no, not this Mcn anyway ^^


See the cinema sign behind? =D there is where we watched Avatar 3D, just few days before it stops showing, we managed to make it!


Here is the Godiva store in Regent Street, I like the two promoter/cashier in the store, they’re funny..


have you start drooling? ^_^


here is the Valentine ^_^


I bought a huge box of 120 mixed chocolate (for me to select), they took 30 minutes to pack em for me, that might be a bad day for them.. lol


Anyway they are friendly, they talked to me like couple while doing this, teasing each other? lol.. I believe they can do faster without talking >.< but that is actually fine, I wasn’t in a rush, not too rush :P



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