Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nottingham Part 2

IMG_9429 copy

Treating my best friends with my best cook ever, rendang chicken!

IMG_9445 copy

Alright, Daniel is in charge of the vegetables and Ming was cooking the fish soup, very nice!

IMG_9464 copy

Here comes our breakfast, red bean bun! Yummy!

IMG_9479 copy

Aha! Look at the colours, they are perfectly matched, incredible shoot!

IMG_9538 copy

Alright, this is behind the speaker corner, I have no idea what it is, we can see it says Vienna, looks pretty much like a restaurant, I am actually loving this building, probably the most beautiful building I’ve seen in Nottingham! :)

IMG_9541 copy

Side shoot

IMG_9549 copy

That is me in the middle of a designer brand shopping street, only can afford to take a picture thou :)

IMG_9585 copy

I think this is fake, anyway, its nice

IMG_9591 copy


IMG_9594 copy

It looks like rock sugar, feel like eating them.. Slurp

IMG_9623 copy

Well, I wonder if that happen to be my tooth, how much it would cost?  probably cheaper than a shark’s, how sad =.=

IMG_9629 copy

A little bit drama before entering the cave

IMG_9685 copy

Its all about how people lived in cave, I am glad that I have a room and a bed ><!

IMG_9705 copy

Seriously I think it is not a bad idea to live in a cave if you refurbish them, yes

IMG_9704 copy

Dusts.. everywhere!

IMG_9731 copy

I am the monster in game you know, with this type of cap, they are cute!

IMG_9738 copy

Safety helmet, it really works! I nearly hit the top sometimes but I bet Daniel havn’t kekeke

IMG_9742 copy

One thing is that Nottingham people are so friendly <3

IMG_9748 copy

We had very nice and reasonable price lunch <3

IMG_9749 copy

Fishie and Chipie, yumm!

IMG_9761 copy

Do you see a big halo on my head ><

IMG_9771 copy

Time to play with robin hood, I like him!

IMG_9812 copy

IMG_9824 copy

IMG_9830 copy

Proper coached by me :) see the perfect techqinue

IMG_9851 copy

Well.. this is the end.. I love Nottingham, most important reason is the very nice Thai hospitality by Ming, very much appreciated! xx


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