Monday, 7 February 2011

Nottingham Weekend break

We were planning to go to Manchester but I have to come back for Microsoft and MatchTech Edu fair tomorrow :( Anyway, we had great fun in Nottingham! Nice people, nice place!! I did miss London :)

IMG_9882 copy

Ming’s House, great Thai’s hospitality :) Impressive!

IMG_9886 copy

Me and Ming

IMG_9888 copy

Meeting another friend, Hui Yun :) See I remember your name!

IMG_9889 copy

Hui Yun, Me and Ming

IMG_9893 copy

We walked almost the whole campus, but only took pictures with school of pharmacy

IMG_9902 copy

A great snap, loving the water splashes

IMG_9924 copy

In a line 0.0

IMG_9938 copy

Love this snap, suddenly all birds fly.. Lunch is calling? :)

IMG_9990 copy

The main building..

Part 1 finished, Part 2 will be most of Nottingham's City, to be continue..


JH said...

nice pictures!!Must come manchester next time ya! :)

Anonymous said...

very nice pictures!!!! wha Malaysian hospitality is impressive too!

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