Thursday, 3 February 2011

Taking in a higher level

Things happen everyday in our life, day by day you tend to see and study people. It was very unfortunate that such thing happened in my family, until now, I still slap on my own face to see whether I am still in dreams, perhaps my spinning top will never stop spinning. (inception)

Ridiculously, there are a lot of "self-modified" stories going on passing in people, different version, different founder, perhaps different artist. I couldn't stop people from speaking, but I hereby clarify that no one wanted this to happen, it was purely an accident. Some people tend to express how well my dad is with them and how much my dad havn't told us as his sons and family, I just cannot believe how people are taking advantage on top of all this. Well, that was a good lesson for me, I shall thank them.

I've been always reminding myself, you are not the most unfortunate one, every single second, there are still people suffer and die from hunger, disease, etc, there is no reason for me(us) to stop right here, we need to keep moving. No surrender, no retreat. Winners never quit, quitters never win - Giov

Rest in Peace daddy


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